Dream Porsches engineered by Schmidt-Oss



Your very own Von Schmidt.

A Von Schmidt Porsche is the pinnacle of customising. Together with the client we build the ultimate childhood dream: a Porsche 911 that is exactly how you want it to be.

The best thing about a Von Schmidt car is that you’re involved in every stage of the build. You can even join our mechanics and get your hands dirty, although we do recommend to let the professionals worry about the tricky stuff.

We start the build with a  964 coupe and we tear it down completely before we fit a 911 F-type inspired carbon body kit. A kit that’s exclusively been developed for Von Schmidt. The gearbox and engine will be completely refurbished and obviously we give the engine a bit more umpf to meet the standards of a modern 911.

It goes without saying that the brakes and suspension will be upgraded using only the best parts available to ensure you can handle the car perfectly.

A key part of the build is choosing the colour. We’ll discuss the many options and that goes for the interior as well. What look do you prefer for the dash? What kind of leather suits your car? It’s a fun and personal process that can’t be rushed. That’s why you’re always welcome in the workshop to discuss new ideas and insights.

Would you like to know more about building the sportscar of your dreams, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You’re more than welcome to come in for a chat.

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