von schmidt 001

The Von Schmidt 001 is Joost’s dream car. He contacted us and told us that he wanted something special. A car that stood out from the rest. After an intense brainstorm session we came up with a 964 that had the elegant looks of an F-type. The car had to have lots of horsepower, supreme handling and all the modern comforts such as brake assist, powersteering, airconditioning etc. And ofcourse a killing interior. The idea for the Von Schmidt custom series was born and after a full year of research, development and hard work the first Von Schmidt drove out of the garage on a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Sports tires.

Technical specifications

Carbon F-type look body kit

Bilstein coilover set

Refurbished 3.6 engine upgraded to 3.8 liter

Full leather custom interieur

Central filler fuel tank

Greisieger-grau metallic paint job

Refurished G50 transmission

11j and 9j 17″ Fuchs replica rims

Spaanderstraat 7a

5348 LA Oss

The Netherlands