For many, a Porsche is the dream car. But what if you could take this dream further? A Porsche where everything is exactly the way you always imagined. A car that shows your own vision of perfection. Sound good to you? Then Von Schmidt is the way to go. Von Schmidt is the pinnacle of customization. Together we create and build your dream car. A Porsche 911 that is built exactly according to the limits of your imagination. Exactly the way you always wanted—and maybe more.


When we build your personal Von Schmidt, you stay closely involved in the process. We encourage you to walk in and watch our engineers work on project. They are, so to speak, your tools and will explain everything that is happening with your dream car. This will help you get to know your Von Schmidt like the back of your hand.


A 964 coupé forms the foundation of a Von Schmidt. It is completely stripped and equipped with a carbon fiber body, developed by Von Schmidt, inspired by a 911 F model. We overhaul the gearbox and engine, and adjust the engine block to give it even more power. Needless to say, the chassis will also be completely transformed to suit your wishes. Thanks to our collaborations with various suppliers, we are able to use unique components


The color scheme determines the appearance and impression of your Porsche. Choosing a color is therefore an essential step in building your dream car. Together, we create and examine ideas and discover possibilities. We will advise you on the interior and a worthy look for your dashboard. Which materials, colors and details reflect your identity? In the meantime, you are always welcome to walk in and share new ideas with us.

Has your interest been aroused? Or would you like to know more about your options? Feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities in person. We hope to see you soon!

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The Netherlands